Saturday, 18 August 2012

REVIEW from Jessica and Happy Raya everyone!!!

Last July, Loveheart e-house had sent a few pieces to a sweet and young blogger, Jessica, for reviews! Check out Jessica's review in her blog:

*So very SORRY for the late post cuz I had been job-hunting lately!*

*Loves her review very much!*

Firstly, Jessica looking sweet and demure in CAA 8731(pink)!!!

Item on model in blogshop:

Here is Jessica, wearing CAA C8566 (Blue) with a pair black shorts! It is a simple look, perfect for a casual day's out!

Item on model in blogshop:

Here is Jessica with CAA 8735 (white),you can view the item at this link:

Thank you Jessica for your fabulous photos and review!

Loveheart e-house will like to take opportunity to wish everyone a blessed RAYA and drive home safely!

Stay tune with Loveheart e-house for more updates!