Friday, 10 October 2014

Sophie Kinsella- A desirable residence


Title: A desirable residence
Author: Sophie Kinsella as Madeleine Wickham

Retail price: RM35 ( 30% CHEAPER!)
Condition: 4.8 /5.0
Liz and Jonathan Chambers are in mortgage trouble. They've overextended themselves with their latest exciting project - exciting to Liz, that is - buying and managing the Silchester Tutorial College, and now can't sell their old house. So, here they are, with two mortgages, mounting debts, and a miserable adolescent daughter. Then Marcus Witherstone comes into their lives - and at first it seems he will solve all their problems. Marcus, senior partner in Silchester's leading real-estate agency, is large, assured, and wears an expensive coat. He brings the perfect tenants in from London to rent their old house - glamorous PR girl Ginny and the nearly famous Piers. As unintentional as it is inevitable, Liz and Marcus find themselves in the thralls of an adulterous tryst. While Marcus finds it all too easy to hide his affair from his wife, Liz spends her days wrapped up in blissful dreams of her lover. Jonathan, in the meantime, is left to run the school. And both parents are too preoccupied to notice the desperate passion developing in their daughter for the tenants, Piers and Ginny. Entanglements grow increasingly uncomfortable, and as events close in on Marcus, he begins to realize that some deceptions are just a bit too close to home.

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