Tuesday, 21 October 2014

There is no place like here: Cecilia Ahern

Title: There is no place like here

Author: Cecilia Ahern

Retail: RM35 ( 30% DISCOUNT!)
Condition: 4.8 /5.0
Sandy Shortt has been obsessed about where missing things -- and people -- end up ever since the disappearance of a childhood friend twenty years ago. It has even motivated her to become a private investigator, attempting to track down missing loved ones and giving devastated families hope. So when she finds herself one of the missing people, stuck in a strange place with people who vanished into thin air years ago, she wonders if she has found the answer to one of life's greatest mysteries. But if she has, will she be able to return to life as she knows it? If Jack Ruttle, her latest client and mystified by her own disappearance, has anything to do with it she will!


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